v. & n.
—v. (past and past part. fed)
1 tr. a supply with food. b put food into the mouth of.
2 tr. a give as food, esp. to animals. b graze (cattle).
3 tr. serve as food for.
4 intr. (usu. foll. by on) (esp. of animals, or colloq. of people) take food; eat.
5 tr. nourish; make grow.
6 a tr. maintain supply of raw material, fuel, etc., to (a fire, machine, etc.). b tr. (foll. by into) supply (material) to a machine etc. c intr. (often foll. by into) (of a river etc.) flow into another body of water. d tr. insert further coins into (a meter) to continue its function, validity, etc.
7 intr. (foll. by on) a be nourished by. b derive benefit from.
8 tr. use (land) as pasture.
9 tr. Theatr. sl. supply (an actor etc.) with cues.
10 tr. Sport send passes to (a player) in a ball-game.
11 tr. gratify (vanity etc.).
12 tr. provide (advice, information, etc.) to.
1 an amount of food, esp. for animals or infants.
2 the act or an instance of feeding; the giving of food.
3 colloq. a meal.
4 pasturage; green crops.
5 a a supply of raw material to a machine etc. b the provision of this or a device for it.
6 the charge of a gun.
7 Theatr. sl. an actor who supplies another with cues.
Phrases and idioms:
feed back produce feedback. feed the fishes
1 meet one's death by drowning.
2 be seasick. feeding-bottle a bottle with a teat for feeding infants.
feed up
1 fatten.
2 satiate (cf. fed up (see FED)).
feedable adj.
Etymology: OE fedan f. Gmc

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